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Technology Improvements Are a Silver Lining of Pandemic

Attending an Ordination or other special Mass at the Cathedral can be difficult for some because of the travel involved, and because many Masses fill the pews to capacity. Now, anyone can participate via the internet.

Diocesan Schools to Offer Virtual Learning as an Option

“We recognize that some families will feel better if their student can attend school virtually at first, until they become more comfortable with returning in-person,” said Dr. Brooke Tesché, Chancellor of Catholic Education.

Language — Veiling or Unveiling Moral Truth?

To sanction or encourage certain wrongful actions, it is often necessary to manipulate language. The plain meaning of words can get in the way of convincing others they should tolerate or participate in wrongdoing, or otherwise embrace situations of evil or injustice. Verbal obfuscation becomes necessary to veil evident moral truths.

Golf Tournament Planning Continues

The Diocese Golf Tournament is still on, and committee members are actively planning for various scenarios to adjust the day, if needed, for concerns related to the Coronavirus. The September 28 event will benefit seminarians...

The Faithful Are Invited Back to Mass Starting on June 1

Declaring that it is time for the faithful to be able to return to Mass if they choose to do so, Bishop Alfred Schlert today announced that parishes in the Diocese will reopen Masses to the public beginning June 1. Attendance remains voluntary for now, and health precautions will be in place.