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Bishop’s Daily Livestream Masses to End June 14

“I truly appreciate the many heartfelt calls and emails I received about this daily Mass from my chapel,” Bishop Schlert said. “I’m gratified that this small gesture helped prayerfully connect so many people during this difficult time.”

Bishop Writes Letter to the Faithful

“My desire is to return to public worship as soon as it is safe to do so.” said Bishop Schlert. “However, I must be clear: my preference will be for ‘safe rather than soon.'”

Bishop Schlert’s Easter Message

In these anxious days of pandemic, we may feel entombed in our homes, fearful that life will never be the same. My Easter message is to you is one of hope!

Bishop Celebrating New ‘Mass in Time of Pandemic’

The Holy Father and the Congregation of Divine Worship has shared with the bishops of the world a new formula for Mass called: Mass in Time of Pandemic. The Mass includes special prayers and readings specifically invoking God’s...